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Analyst Report

Free Forrester ReportPerformance Management: The Mobile App Development Playbook

Table of Contents
2Five-star Mobile Apps Require Effective Performance Management
4Holistic Mobile Measurement Focuses On Three Classes Of Metrics
13Metrics Matter — Prioritize Fast Feedback
What it Means
14Developers Need To Improve Their Mobile Measurement savvy
14Supplemental Material

As you begin to build and deploy mobile apps, you’ll quickly discover that your development teams need to frequently deliver new versions and updates 8-12 times/year or more. Mobile performance management provides an essential feedback loop to guide the course of your updates.

By collecting historical, operational, and real-time data across technical, engagement, and business-aligned metrics, you can pinpoint the exact issues, gain insight into how many users were affected, prioritize new features, and repair defects. This comprehensive 16 page Forrester Research, Inc. report, authored by Jeffrey Hammond, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, details a number of valuable, commonly collected metrics and describes the tools and frameworks that can help you collect them.

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